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Clear Optical Lenses

A few of the well-known brands that we carry for optical lenses are Zeiss, Essilor, Shamir and Varilux. Zeiss eyeglass lenses have had a long history and reputation for providing high quality lenses since it was started in 1846 by the founder who created a precision mechanics and optics workshop. Essilor has a mission statement from the beginning of wanting to “eliminate poor vision and its lifelong consequences.”

Types of Optical Lenses

As technology and trends continue to change, we will continue to offer you the latest advances in optical lenses. In today’s world it’s fairly common to see people with transitional lenses. These types of lenses make it convenient for people to keep one pair of glasses on when moving from inside to outside, as the lenses transition from being clear to becoming dark when exposed to sunlight.

Other types of lenses we have are progressive lenses. Progressive lenses are a great advancement from bifocals and trifocals. Progressive lenses provide “multifocal” lenses for all viewing distances. Meaning you can look upwards in your lenses to see distance, straight ahead to see intermediate, and downwards to see near. These types of lenses also make a cosmetic advantage without having lines through them like bifocals and trifocals.

More and more people are beginning to suffer from Digital Eye Strain as a result of the technological advances that have come around in the last few years with our mobile devices, laptops, and even tablets. These types of lenses provide a wide, clear distance zone and comfortable near zone for stress-free viewing of digital screens.

Our experienced staff will ensure you are provided the best lenses for your unique visual needs. Our main focus is to make sure you can see clear again in your new comfortable lenses.

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