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At Crossroads Optometry, we offer the state-of-the-art eye care technology, which is crucial for preventing vision loss and maintaining your ocular health. Our cutting-edge services are due to our sophisticated equipment and our years of experience in the field. Whether it is a visual field test, diabetic retinal exam, or contact lens fitting, we maintain the finest technology for the evaluation of your ocular health.

Topcon Retinal Camera

The Topcon Retinal Camera allows us to detect eye problems such as retinal detachments, glaucoma, retinal tears, and macular degeneration. The Topcon Retinal test is quick, easy, and painless, yet extremely important in eye care.

Slit Lamp Microscope

This instrument shines a thin beam of light into the eye, which provides a magnified view of the eye in great detail. This provides the optometrist an opportunity to view the external and internal parts of your eye in a detailed manner.

Visual Field Analysis

This analysis checks both your central and peripheral vision for any signs of eye disorders. Your peripheral vision can be affected without even knowing, which is what makes a vision field analysis so important. Visual field tests are also great for detecting vision loss before showing dangerous signs of deteriorating vision. And don’t worry, your pupils are not dilated for the procedure and it only takes about 3 minutes to conduct the test for each eye.


At Crossroads Optometry we have the latest in technological advances, and the ICare Tonometer is used to check the pressure of each eye for signs of glaucoma by measuring intraocular pressure. The device is based on a rebound measuring principle that requires no drops or puffs of air for measurement. As eye care technology changes, we make sure that we stay on top of it by upgrading our equipment and techniques for the benefit of our customers.

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