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Eye exams at Crossroads Optometry in Torrance, California, provide ocular health care and vision care at the same time. Optometrist Frank Scolinos, OD, leads a group of premier providers who stand ready to help you with all your eye care needs. Call the office or use online booking to arrange your eye exam today.

Eye Exam Q&A

Why do I need eye exams?

Much like a physical with your primary care doctor, an eye exam is vital for your general health. Most eye diseases and conditions are easiest to treat if you get an early diagnosis, and eye exams allow you to do that. 

While your medical doctor may briefly check your eyes, they don’t have the equipment needed to examine every part of your eye. 

Eye exams also help you keep your vision sharp because they’re a chance to update your glasses or contact lens prescription as needed.

What do eye exams involve?

Crossroads Optometry offers comprehensive eye exams that include many tests. The two main components of an eye exam are the eye health tests and the vision tests.

Eye health checks

Your eye doctor uses a slit lamp to closely examine all the structures inside your eyes, including the optic nerve and retina. 

With this close-up exam, they look for problems such as age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy. Your doctor also checks your inner eye pressure, to screen for glaucoma. 

Vision exam

Your vision exam includes reading an eye chart, depth perception tests, visual field check, eye movement test, and other tests. 

If you need glasses, you try different lenses two at a time with a phoropter until you have the right prescription for sharp vision. For contact lenses, you also need eye measurements.

After your eye exam, your eye doctor may prescribe treatment for conditions such as dry eyes. Then, you can select new glasses or contact lenses. Crossroads Optometry has a large selection of designer frames in the office, and they also offer a number of lens options. 

Contact lenses include single vision, multifocal, and colored options for daily, weekly, or extended wear. 

How often should I have eye exams?

The American Optometric Association recommends a minimum of one comprehensive eye exam each year for both children and adults. 

Your Crossroads Optometry eye doctor can recommend an eye exam schedule that accommodates your particular needs. If you have a history of eye problems or disease, you could need an exam every six months.

You deserve the best in eye care — and your vision and health depend upon it. Schedule your eye exam by calling Crossroads Optometry or clicking the online scheduler.

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