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Although we know you do your best to protect your eyeglasses with a case, we understand you may need occasional eyeglass repair. Whether damaged through sports or dance activities, scratched from beach days, or they just slipped out of your hands, Crossroads Optometry can help with eyeglass repair. Most times our eyewear repair is done at no charge but sometimes a minimal fee is charged for the replacement of nose pads or screws. We make the process as easy as possible because we understand the frustration with needing to get your eyewear repaired so you can go back to using them for daily use. Don’t fret! Our expert opticians will be able to help you with your repairs.

Expert Opticians

Our opticians are experienced in all aspects of eyeglass frame repair and sunglass repair. This includes screw tightening, frame realignment, frame straightening, and more. When we repair eyeglass frames we do the job correctly the first time so you won’t return with the same issue. If your frames are broken, we can also resize your lenses and insert them into a new frame if you desire to reuse your lenses. We will accommodate all your eyeglass repair needs at Crossroads Optometry. If we’re unable to do your eyeglass repairs in the office, we may send your frame out when extensive repairs are required with a quick turn-around time. Our expert opticians have been with us for years and will handle your glasses with ease and care.

Come on in!

We’re here for you but as a quick tip, to limit damage, make sure to keep any eyeglasses or sunglasses in a case when not in use and store them in a safe place. But in the event that they do get damaged, come on in!

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